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Another late entry,  a freshen up on this piece,  thanks for looking  (at Karma Tattoo Studio)
Sorry forgot to post this, started some color on this piece a couple days ago, thanks for looking.  (at Karma Tattoo Studio)
Lil iller piece today on an ongoing project I been working on, thanks for looking (at Karma Tattoo Studio)
Another short session down, added a Lil bit o’ the murican flag got a couple more to go to tie in the black and Grey on his chest    (at Karma Tattoo Studio)
Forgot to post this last night, 1 St session on this owl piece, going in a different direction than I normally do style wise and colorwise (at Karma Tattoo Studio)
About to start my day  (at Karma Tattoo Studio)
Being tattooed
Sketching today  (at Karma Tattoo Studio)
2nd appointment today,  Lil color hummingbirds silhouette  (at Karma Tattoo Studio)
A sketch because I been watching the TV show Hannibal non-stop for the last two weeks, so if you seen it you get the reference (at Karma Tattoo Studio)

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